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Did you know... The reason

German kitchens

are so coveted and renowned for quality is that many Germans take their kitchens with them when they move. They consider their kitchen "furniture" and an investment!

Like all furniture there is varying grades from cheap and cheerful or flat pack to quality items designed to last beyond a lifetime. And although in general German kitchens offer tremendous build quality quality varies between brands. Also , adaptability and customisation varies between brands and factories.

Quality v Price We supply Kuhlmann Kitchens direct from the factory in Germany. Each kitchen is made specifically and uniquely for you - NOTHING is off the shelf. We use Kuhlmann because of their adaptability. A simple no frills kitchen from them can be very cost affective but just like specking a car at a dealership Kuhlmann have a huge range of options to enhance your kitchen such as storage solutions, unique design features and lighting. Of all the German kitchen manufacturers we believe that Kuhlmann offer the best quality/value ratio in the market. If we go to a cheaper brand then we loose the bespoke nature of the product and if we go more expensive we dont believe the quality improves greatly enough to justify the price.

Transportation. Kuhlmann make a real effort to package your kitchen for transport across Europe and arrive in perfect condition. Considering a kitchen cabinet is full off nothing but air, to transport some wood full of air 1000's of miles we often wonder how they make their kitchen cost effective in such a competitive market. Some UK companies charge more for an inferior product

Design and Award With many unique design features encompassed in the ranges, Kuhlmann have one the acclaimed Red Dot award for design excelence. Some of their stand out inovations include the "Multi Level" 2, 3 or 4 sided drawer unit. Also the stunning 11 degree cabinets and doors.

Desperate for a violet and pink kitchen? All the ranges have a standard colour pallet but many offer a paint to order service to match your perfect colour selection.

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If we can dream it, Kuhlmann can make it !

Kuhlmann has the largest bespoke furniture factory in Europe. If there is a unit, cabinet or feature that is not in thier standard offering they will make it. This gives us complete freedom in design and imagination.
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Kyhlmann Finn Havana Oak

Kuhlmann Concreat

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Design Award

Kuhlmann Kitchens are truly the pinnacle of furniture design, quality and price.